Hunger strike in Guantanamo illegal base: Another headache for Obama´s Administration

Huelga de hambre en la cárcel de la ilegal base naval: Otro dolor de cabeza para Obama

There is no doubt that the hunger strike held by inmates in the prison located in the illegal naval base in Guantanamo, that started almost 2 months ago, on February 6th, is nothing more than a flagrant violation of the human rights. Nonetheless, the U.S media keep silence regarding this case.

Carlos Wagner, the lawyer who defends eleven detainees in that prison, asserts that more than half of the inmates have the “clearance” from the Pentagon to be transferred, but instead, they remain behind bars and there’s no sign whatsoever that one day the may walk out of that hell

The number of strikers within the military facility is 130 inmates and not 31 as the U.S authorities would like people to believe. Out of that number, 11 are losing considerable body weight and have been force to be fed through the nasopharynx,, while there are 3 others, hospitalized suffering a severe dehydration.

Visits to the jail have increased in the last few days. Red Cross International Committee has showed interest in the health of the strikers, many of whom have lost considerable body weight in spite of having been fed up forcibly. Likewise, some of the human rights activists are accusing the penal authorities for minimizing the dimension of the situation of the inmates.

Once again U.S Administration is short of taking wise decisions. They keep the inmates in the most cara facility of the world, however they have not found a way to transfer them without putting their lives at risk or encourage the rejection of the countries where they would be transferred to. It is really a shameful situation for this country that claims to be a defender of the human rights.

Some lawyers they have within the prison assert that the hunger strike would end up once they are given back their holy books. Additionally, there are protests for the mistreatment they receive in that military enclave, apart from their frustration for the failure of the White House to close that torture center as soon as possible, promise made by Obama during his first term of presidency in 2008, and that obviously have not fulfilled.

Promises, always promises and nothing actually happened. There´s no will on the part of the U.S Administration to solve this situation, above all when all the commitments he said to fulfill, closing this prison is one of the most human and no doubt, the thorn in the most uncomfortable of having U.S. President in the shoe.

It has been ten years now and the majority of the inmates jailed in that so-much-mentioned prison have been imprisoned for 11 years without facing any concrete charge. Guantanamo prison is a nefarious establishment. The hunger strike of the inmates in that jail is a more than a sufficient reason for the United States to close that wicked prison establishment, where the human rights are grossly stepped upon.

The situation is not difficult if you are wise and intelligent. Only through the immediate closure of that prison establishment and the act of handing that illegal naval base back to Cuba, could President Obama end up that hunger strike that will pass over to the history of humanity as one of the most serious headaches he has suffered during his years as President of the United States.